In this episode David takes about us to discover what to do in Banja Luka, the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this episode we’ll show you what to see and where to eat from Banja Luka in case you make it to the central northern region of this nation.

David opens up with a succinct history of this city from the banks of the Vrbas River near the Kastel, in which he describes all of the different cultures which have resided Banja Luka through the centuries. The first stop on David’s Banja Luka tour is Gospodska Street, the city’s primary pedestrian boulevard lined with neo-Rennaissance and art nouveau buildings. Together Gospodska Street there are banks stores , sidewalk cafes and restaurants.

VIDEO: Things To Do in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Next is That the Church of Christ the Savior, a Serbian Orthodox church in downtown Banja Luka.

What stands now is a reconstruction of the first church ruined during WWII and built in 1929. This one was developed in 2004 and comes with a beautiful bell/ clock tower along with golden domes which are typical of eastern churches.  If you come to Banja Luka don’t miss visiting the Central Market, a protected market where vendors sell everything from veggies and clothing, to specialty cheeses and household things. Everything is organic and fresh! The Central Market is free to get into and open daily. The very best time to come is at the daytime.

If you’ve been traveling in Bosnia for a little while, you might have tried? Evap?i?i (conspicuous che-vap-chee-chee). All these oblong-shaped grilled minced meatballs are the undisputed kings of foods that are Bosnian. You can find them through the Balkans; an impact left behind by the Ottomans. Back in Banja Luka? Evap?i?i are made somewhat differently than the rest of the nation — they are patties rather than formed. A wonderful spot to try them will be Kod Muje restaurant. Like a wooden cabin, Kod Muje looks In the outside. Sit out in the shaded terrace beneath one of the cubes like David did to enjoy the fresh air. This can be a meal that is very pleasing and cheap.

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VIDEO: Things To Do in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The next restaurant David visits is the only restaurant at the Kastel fortress, Kazamat Restaurant.  It’s a beautiful setting along the Vrbas River, which is reserving a table out is highly recommended! For the last 30 years they have specialized in conventional foods such as meats and fresh sandwiches. The inside of Kazamat Restaurant is somewhat dim, but decorated with memorabilia that’s worth having a look. One of David’s top restaurant selections for Bosnia!

According to everyone we spoke with, Mala Stanica is your best restaurant in Banja Luka, therefore David knew he needed to try it! What makes Mala Stanica unique is its location within the 19th century railway station. This historically and architecturally significant building is a cultural icon of Banja Luka. Mala Stanica specializes in gourmet mix cuisine, and they believe their own foods. David enjoyed a memorable tasting menu of the house specialties with sampling from the extensive wine list (100+ wines!) You can’t leave until you’ve been in their dessert, the chocolate soufflé. TO-DIE-FOR!

If you’ve traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina, tell us about us about you top picks of what to do in Banja Luka!