The food truck landscape in Miami is currently exploding! Each Thursday night that a dozen meals trucks gather in Virginia Key.

VIDEO: Gourmet Food Truck Eats in Virginia Essential

We started off in Lili’s Chon Fun chinese meals truck. That which we ate Chon Fun that’s a just like a crepe style with tasty sauces and poultry, fish, vegetables! Next up was a lobster roll at Red Zepellin meals truck. Roll with lobster bisque on top was unreal! Third up was a buffalo chicken grilled cheese in Miami Grill Cheese meals truck. This was probably! Fourth upwards was tequino’s at Taste of Venezuela meals truck. These are cheese fingers with heavy dough. They were yummy! At finally we went on Che Grill which functions Argentine street food and had a pan, which is sausage with bread. That was amazing!

Have you ever been in the world into a food truck festival in Miami or anywhere else?