Being decked with contemporary mindset in design, airports remain not among the record of tourists destinations. Therefore, air companies are trying their best to be not only fancy looking construction (since terminal frees a visitor to another place) but also, as convenient as possible.

Vancouver International Airport — a state-of-art architecture (Canada)

10 The Fascinating Airports Around the World

Nowadays, there is a great opportunity to check any aircraft without visiting the airport. As an instance, a British invention, Fmoderate radar 24 allows you to track your aircraft and deduce an exact period of its landing when you aren’t in the airport yet.

Munich Airport — a high-tech space (Germany)

A second British breakthrough will be a Scottish airport in Edinburgh that became one among the first autistic friendly airport in 2018, even though being called Scotland’s worst construction because of the eastern terminal expansion. It even received a Zit accolade in the Carbuncle Awards for the worst architectural layout (a reference: the paper’Edinburgh Evening News’). But, it has introduced staff for passengers with disabilities and the environment.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport ?

10 The Fascinating Airports Around the World

An one-of-its-kind construction (India, Mumbai)

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John F. Kennedy International Airport (USA, New York)

10 The Fascinating Airports Around the World

However, today we are going to explore 10 the very visually attractive airports that can be must-see stains by themselves not taking into account their practical facilities. The following list is not full and was made up on a private viewpoint. All said areas are ranked irrespective of their standing, therefore the one is not better than the one that was seventh. Let’s begin!  

10 The Fascinating Airports Around the World

5. Kuala Lumpur International Airport — an airport in the woods (Malaysia)

All aboard!

We’re taking off!

Denver International Airport — a Puzzle in the design (the USA, Colorado)

It’s a unique location that one would like to go to even without a boarding ticket as a result of the sculpture collection? The largest assortment of Northwest Coast Native art on Earth and aquarium exhibits.

Barajas International Airport — calmness in the center of a vibrant town (Spain, Madrid)

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe is Your focal point there.

It’s definitely a part of high cultural importance that has been portrayed on the back of the Canadian $20 bill.

Beijing Capital International Airport — one of the largest Structures in the world (China)

The Rivers Monument honors the Columbia and Fraser River that carried prosperity of Those ancient Aztec Nations.

In 1957, Celilo Falls was underwater by The Dalles Dam construction that harmed thousands of pictographs that told the story of the history of Native presence.

Wellington International Airport — an Entry to marvel (New Zealand)

In the airport, there are open spaces with metal and glass constructions that acknowledge sunlight from either side and from above. There is a”meditation room” for comfort also, it has an occasion space where surfing and biking events have been held during a year. This airport looks modern but functions without flaws; its own connections between the train and terminals deliver the feeling of the future with dominance that is autonomous.

Queen Tamar Airport — modernity in the medieval Encompassing (Georgia, Mestia)

A unique modern arrangement of the construction naturally amalgamates with functions of art. India’s largest public art display is maintained by it. It’s a 3.2 km multi-storey Art Wall, illuminated by skylights, that includes over 5 000 pieces of art and artifacts from each corner of the country.

Indoors , the roof is supported by the pillars that certainly resemble gigantic mushrooms. In general , there are 30 of them, attached with peacock patterns. Additionally, these patterns that are vibrant symbolize departure ceremonies and traditional Indian entrance.

The cement roof calms a seagull in flight using 2 enormous wings throughout a trip. Curves that are in prosperity in both external and inner construction create spaces that flowed into one another; this result captures of hovering the process.

10 The Fascinating Airports Around the World

The inside is filled with endless ribbons that begin out, and move on the ceilings, and always run on the walls and those walls turn into floors. With Leonardo DiCaprio, this airport has looked a Hollywood film due to the layout that was amusing,’Catch Me If You Can’.

The airport is more stunning with its size (it’s is among the largest airports in Asia) and amazing reasons in the layout (pillars that hold the shell-like roof resemble trees from Malaysian rainforest as well as the lights onto the canopy that look just like the sunlight through leaves).

10 The Fascinating Airports Around the World

Steel and ethnic traditions can blend together in all prayer rooms.

10 The Fascinating Airports Around the World

The attractive fabric-covered tents of the Denver airport are a highlight of contemporary architecture. They resemble the snow-capped Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The public has been so hooked on its own layout that’The Denver Airport Conspiracy’ concepts started to appear.

Even references to Nazism were discovered: the runways in a swastika-like type; a picture of a Nazi soldier attacking the dove of peace; the horse of the Apocalypse as it is described in the Bible at the entrance. Additionally, it is asserted to be a time capsule in the granite monument that can be started in 2094.

The airport is located just 12 kilometers from the capital of Spain. Bamboo and integrated steel that were utilized for this particular airport erection confirm its position of an environmentally friendly airport. Lightness and flexibility, tranquility and its transparent smoothness attract a brisk glance.

10 The Fascinating Airports Around the World

A wave-shaped roofing is maintained by’trees’ from the center that accent the roof to cast natural light through the roof. The colours are striking red and attractive yellow.

It was introduced around the 2008 Olympics, symbolizing traditional Chinese mythical creatures (dragons) and colours (red and yellow). All spaces are all lit with natural lighting and also the changing of the skylight is visible.

There are distinctive red columns both along the outside edges and indoors, resembling the conventional Chinese temples. Total, the area covers 1.3 million square meters and will be capable of adapting 50 million passengers per year.

10 The Fascinating Airports Around the World

It totally works out its own nickname? ‘The Rock’ with its vibes.   Warren and studio Pacific Architecture & Mahoney took inspiration from the legend of Whataitai and sea critters Ngake.

Outside it resembles dangerous seas; indoor wooden decorations support this theme. A big Gollum head is reaching to get a fish inside and dangling out of the roof over individuals.

A small (250 m2) but with a striking design airport appears like it’s just landed on this spot from the other galaxy beaming with its futuristic design. The shiny construction was inspired by the early Georgian watchtowers.