The world class Ang Tong National Marine Park in Koh Samui is second largest national park in Thailand, consisting of 42 islands in the gulf of Thailand. Although the whole park covers 102 square kilometers, the dry land is only 18 square kilometers. Before 1980, Ang Tong Marine National Park was once a training forbidden area for the Thai Navy. It is isolated from outside world and still keep pure nature, which make it one of the most attractive places in Thailand. It absolutely deserve your visit during your Thailand honeymoon trip or vacation.

Island hopping is highly recommended, and Ang Tong Marine Park and canoe are popular. You can book a day trip online or at a local travel agency, which usually includes boat tickets, canoes, Blue Lagoon, lunch, beaches and more.

You can choose double, single or triple canoes. A life jacket is supposed to be wear by tourist. The hull is shallow, but it is so strong as not easy to capsize. In addition, the sea surface here is without wind and waves. Basically safe. The water is very clear and existing rich in marine life. You can see coral reefs around the islands and limestone caves. The reclusive bay is also a good place for scuba diving, swimming and boating etc water sports.

The legendary “ A Lake in the Mountains” is a unique azure lake with mysterious atmosphere, called Blue Lagoon. The stairs leading to Blue Lagoon are a bit steep, up and down, not so flat for walking, but hiking considered not bad. When you arrive at the Blue Lagoon, facing a turquoise lake view, which is very healing for your body and mind. Blue Lagoon is also called salt-water-lake. The bottom of the lake is connected to seawater, so the natural ecology here is not the same as that of ordinary lakes in the mountains. There are Some sea cucumbers, sea urchins.

The charming scenery of Ang Tong National Marine Park is not completely different from the scenic of Chiang Mai and Hua Hin. It lies in the beautiful scenery of the park, the vast sea and limestone hills – all of which constitute a beautiful landscape. The island can provide accommodation, catering, ecological introduction and park guidance services. It will definitely deserve taking a day here to swim all over the place and experience the pleasant coastal scenery.

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