It is Thursday afternoon and I am preparing for the excursion. I am kicking off this trip at Guatemala City and that I hear it’s a capital city full of markets, parks, and museums. This month provides a few challenges like the warmth and the transportation schedule to pay as much ground as you can, though I have traveled for longer. I will only be done on this Central American adventure, once I am delivered to the El Salvadorian border.

Scottevest, A clothing, is for me. You might have heard about the new or noticed me wearing this attire. I’m excited for the sponsorship opportunity but much more eager to test out of my new equipment when exploring Mayan ruins and colonial cities.  Scottevest Travel Clothing creates clothes for almost any weather.

The bits I am taking include: performance polo performance tee, travel skirt, camp shirt, and bamboo polo. That’s over 37 pockets! The garments are great for movers. The manufacturing equipment I am taking comprises: tripods, Flip Mino HD Camera, Nikon P-7000 Camera, GoPro Camera, Steadicam Smoothee, digital hard drives, laptop, and I-phone.


Here’s the route of my excursion. I feel these routes are a fantastic way for everyone to experience these countries. They do, but require floor transport.


Guatemala City, Panajachel, Chichicastenango, Huehuetenango, Quetzaltenango, Pacific Coast, Volcan de Pacaya, Monterrico, Antigua, Quirigua, Livingston, Rio Dulce and Peten (Tikal)

El Salvador

San Andres, Santa Ana, Tazumel, Casa Blanca, Nahuizalco, Salcoatitan, Juayua, Apaneca, Ataco, Tacuba, Puerto de Liberta, San Salvador, , La Palma, Suchitoto, Suchitan, Perquin, , Alegria, Berlin, and Laguna de Alegria.

25 Days in Mayan Country

Both tourism boards have been supplying me with transportation and a guide. I can not wait to take hours of video along with my GoPro strapped onto snap images, the car and website about my time spent in Central America. There has been an increase in tourism to these areas, since it’s the year which the Mayans predicted that the world would end. Their civilization has undoubtedly left its mark and I can not wait to bring it to you in movies and my town guides.

Hasta mañana,


25 Days in Mayan Country