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The next leg of my Surinamese experience was upon me! Come along with me since I enjoy an Surinamese breakfast in Paramaribo and then hop on a flight. I could not wait to start this next experience in Suriname!

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VIDEO: Unreal Surinamese Breakfast in Paramaribo + Flying into Palumeu | Suriname

My Experience started from the capital of Suriname, Paramaribo.

VIDEO: Unreal Surinamese Breakfast in Paramaribo + Flying into Palumeu | Suriname

My boy friend Imro from Jenny Tours and I started off our day at a local restaurant called the Food House that sells at least 25 distinct breakfast choices of Jennely. You select a product that they material into a piece of bread, but I wanted to try this thing, so I decided to not have bread

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The food looked like a exceptional blend of Indian, African, Dutch, and black, and looked really great. I was so excited to begin my own Surinamese breakfast!

I received shrimp, lettuce, tomato, beans, beef, poultry, chicken curry, lettuce, and some lemon! I began my Surinamese breakfast in Paramaribo along with my shrimp. I set a number of them indoors and opened my own bread. They’re both nice and small and yummy. The shrimp were fatty and refreshing and came in a sauce.

I continued my Surinamese breakfast with all the chicken liver in Paramaribo. It was dense and so full! The bread made it super filling. I received a few hot coffee between bites and then tried some of the pork. It was sweet and appeared to have some Chinese influences. The beef was darker and more chewy than the liver, but it was tough to eat with the bread.

Next, I attempted the pom, which resembles a chicken salad with mangoes and veggies. The sweetness from the mangoes was off the charts! I tried some legumes, which reminded me of Thailand. Everything had a exceptional flavor. I soaked up the sauce on my plate and took the bread!

I grabbed a liver, anemia, and even greens. It was crispy, sweet, and spicy and was my favorite dish so far! I could not get enough of it! When you come to Paramaribo, you have to eat at Jennely’s.

I went inside to talk to the woman. I had to inform her my Surinamese breakfast in Paramaribo was!

From there, we caught my things and moved back to my own hotel. I had to say goodbye to Imro, that wouldn’t be coming to another leg of the trip with me. I packed my things into a taxi and headed off to this charter airport!

This would be my very first time on a plane in many decades. It’s an great experience since it’s usually only the pilot and you. It’s costly, but it is always worth it. I’d be flying with Brazil to a place near the Surinamese boundary!

In the airport, I met with my guide, Julius.

We would be flying down Gum Air to Palumeu to a 10-seat charter airplane. They believed me and my luggage and I chilled in the VIP area.

I sat in the back and boarded the plane. There, I had awesome views! We took off! I was a little nervous since the turbulence in planes is worse than planes that are larger. But I was excited to reach the jungle! We flew over gold mines the Brokopondo Reservoir, and the Suriname River.

After 30 seconds, we got to pick up 4 passengers. There was a lot of turbulence since we flew through the clouds. As we all descended, I could see the rainforest below. We landed in a green airstrip, where four others stopped. We had 15 more minutes to go!

Because we took off again we flew directly over the Suriname River, and I could see villages below. It was so beautiful! We descended again quickly and landed at another landing strip. We went to get a great deal of experiences in Palumeu! I could not wait!

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