To swaying palm trees, turquoise oceans to surprising animal experiences from coves, everyone enjoys a day at the beach. Let us take a peek at some of the planet’s best!

Eagle Beach, Aruba

Winner of dozens of travel awards, Eagle Beach boasts amazing Caribbean waters and that soft white sand that holiday dreams are made of. And it’s not just people that appreciate it — that the beach is an important archaeological site for Green, Loggerhead, Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles!

Thanda Island, Tanzania

For a couple of months every calendar year, the beaches are dotted to safeguard these nest sites that were critical, and the chance to see their trip is made by the brave hatchlings to the sea is a truly distinctive experience to be had here.

Cala Mitjana, Spain

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Boulders Beach, South Africa

Then here is the place to get it done if you have ever dreamed of visiting your very own tropical island! The villa with this luxurious private island about 13 km north west of Mafia Island on the west shore caters to just one set at one time, and is now one of the planet’s most getaway destinations. Hot water, white beaches and diving and snorkeling opportunities on the surrounding coral reefs only add to the adventure!

Blue Lagoon, Fiji

Catering for all expertise levels and with the chance to view conger eels, barracuda swarms, morays and octopuses, the crystal clear waters of Cala Mitjana in Majorca are a scuba divers paradise. The scenery is incredible too, as the website is surrounded by cliffs and woods, and also boasts a little cave!

Mexico, hidden Beach

The white sand and rugged boulders which shield the bay and make this spot such a popular swimming place for children also attracts its resident — African American! You are utilized to imagining them in once you’ve got over the sight of this small chaps that are tuxedoed drifting a beach instead of the freezing surroundings, it becomes the ideal day out for your family.

Navagio Beach, Greece

With wheelchair friendly ramps, guides and boardwalks and a lot of places to prepare a picnic, the whole family will love this exceptional beach. It is possible to get up close to the penguins to shoot pictures, but do not get overly close as these beaks are razor sharp!

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

With actions as husking, crab racing, fish feeding, snorkeling, beach volleyball, cultural lessons and guided excursions, it’s easy to see why Lagoon makes yet another excellent destination for the whole family. Exploring the limestone caves of the Northern Yasawa Islands is another selling point, also having one sunset over the uninterrupted sea vista is sufficient to make even the most stressed visitor outside unwind!

Hidden gems don’t get a lot more special than that, although it takes a bit of effort to get there. Means of a cave with a hole completely engulfs this beach in the roof that allows sunshine in, and can only be accomplished by swimming or kayaking through a tunnel!

The beach is to be found on Islas Marietas, and there’s lots to do once you’ve managed to accomplish it, by enjoying the flora or simply relaxing and sunbathing.

It’s not hard to see this incredible cove on the coast of Zakynthos from the Ionian Islands that are Greek is frequently known as one of the most beautiful beaches around Earth. The wreck of the MV Panagiotis ran aground here in 1980, in which it rests buried from the limestone gravel.

The beach is most famous for the breathtaking view much over it, which has become a place for foundation jumpers that maintain an yearly event here every August.

Mother Nature certainly got out her very best paintbrushes when she put this beach! With some 9 km of the planet’s most bizarre white silica sand that creates layouts together with the movements of the tide, and several lookout points where to respect them, this beach is nothing short of breathtaking. Be sure you respect the perspective of Hill Inlet from Tongue Point for the ideal vantage point.

Located on Whitsunday Island from Queensland, the island could be reached through ferry, yacht or power boats which depart from Airlie Beach, also there are many operators that operate tours of the island so you won’t miss a thing!