Here’s Tara, our Traveling Addicts interviewee.

She is the face behind the popular Where is all in between, and Tara travel blog, which includes her adventures from Brazil, to Israel. See how she survived leeches on her buttocks in Sri Lanka (ouch!) , why her mother is one of her favourite traveling friends, and where you’ll locate the most friendly people.


How did your passion for travel get started?

When I was hardly able to walk, I shot my first long haul flight from New Zealand to America. My mom told me stories of when she lived in Paris, England and New Zealand. I knew that when I grew up I wanted to have stories like this. That is really where my love of travel came from.

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Just how are you currently travel in any given year? Which are the sorts of places would you like to see?

This past year I traveled for at least 6 weeks of this year. This year I am likely to reduce that slightly so that I have more time to concentrate on many other exciting jobs (how mysterious). I believe it is tough to operate and travel. I like to see I want to try, areas that have natural beauty. I appear to see a lot of islands really. I visited Sri Lanka Aruba, Hawaii, The Philippines and The Maldives.

What is it that you want audiences to get / learn from your site?

I want people to see my site and discover the guts to take that trip, to go on an adventure, to confront a fear. I would like to inspire people to be daring and brave and to remind them that they only get one lifetime. The planet is a large beautiful location and I wish to reveal it to my subscribers. I wish to remind them that talking to this stranger to the plane, in the resort, or on the excursion could result in a million unique possibilities/opportunities.


I find it tough to choose! However, I Must mention Finland, Canada and The Philippines.

Give us the’Top 5′ Record for one of these destinations, like a mini-guide or Even to-do Listing of sorts

Ok, so I’m going to go with Canada with this one. I spent a month in Edmonton near Banff and Jasper national park, here is my suggestions for the region.

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How many countries have you visited so far?

1) be sure you see Lake Peyto just before sunset. This is after all of the tour buses have removed. It will be crowded and there’ll still be enough light for photographs. I did this in June and was the only person up there. This was perfection.

Your top three favourite restaurants?

2) You do not have to book accommodation in advance when on a road trip through Banff and Jasper. Inns and hotels in the cities and along the road keep a couple rooms for. Though the cheapest option is camping.

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Favorite restaurant in the world?

3) If you’re in the region in July make sure you check out the Calgary Stampede. It’s known as”The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. The event is the kids pony-wrangling competition. It will have you in stitches. The city of Calgary goes Stampede mad with cowboys occasions and decorations everywhere.

Your favourite travel picture?

4) West Edmonton Mall is the largest mall in North America, even larger than Mall of America. It has ice rink, theater, mini-golf, a theme park, waterpark and more. You could spend days here. However, the highlight is definitely the waterpark. Since the temperature is continually about 31 Celsius it is a excellent place during the arctic winter.

Favorite global airport?

5) Banff Mountain Film Festival Is Essential SEE for any adventurer.

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And what better place to watch it than in Banff?! Check the Lux Cinema out and hope that there’s a showing. You’ll leave the showing feeling inspired.

City with the most friendly people?

43, however I am not big on country counting. Really and I prefer to spend time in a country get to know it.

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Your favorite travel companion?

Mexican, Mexican and Indian.

Those are sort of generic I suspect but they’re all good for vegetarians like me. God, I am hungry just thinking about them, haha.

Best method you kill time?

Ooooo difficult question. There is an Unbelievable lunch place in Miraflores in Lima, Peru known as La Lucha. Their sandwiches are amazing. So you know the food is great there’s obviously a queue.

What is the most exotic location your livelihood has taken you?

I am OBSESSED with Lara Croft.

She’s basically one of the female fictional characters that strives mad things, investigates and does end up falling in love and living happily ever after. I was mad about the pc games and hence I will select the Tomb Raider movies because of Lara Croft being one of the few explorer character models in film. Though, on the flipside, I love Eat, Pray, Love because I identify with the way her trip was started by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Your best bit?

Bristol Airport.

I know WHERE?! It’s a little airport in the UK and I love it. It is global but it’s generally super quiet and I will breeze through safety. In addition, it has links so that it’s super easy.

What are without?


I needed to give a shout out to my home town. But we’re just a bunch. Many a time that I have struck up a conversation with a stranger in the street or walked them to a location they could not appear to locate. Even when they Irish are drunk they are still amazingly friendly and good natured. Runner-up goes into the Canadians, New Zealanders and Filipinos!

What is your dream destination?

My passport? haha. I do love to travel! BUT there are definitely some trips which are better with a company. I love travelling with my boyfriend for a few million reasons. My mom is one of my favorite travel companions. She is mad but we always have a excellent time. I am not going to choose between them as they might read this, haha.

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Your favourite travel quote?

Reading, drawing or viewing videos. Or good old fashioned sleep. That being said, on movies that I have a tendency to binge on planes and forego the sleep. Editing movies is something I’ve started doing in my cell phone from airports while I am waiting to board the plane.

Where to next?

Hmmm, exotic depends on who you’re talking to. Aruba seemed exotic to them. Probably not so much to Americans. For me, abseiling down a waterfall in Sri Lanka and end up with leeches in my own bum was most likely one of the most exotic situations/locations I’ve seen myself in thanks to travel blogging. I was going to say I am very fortunate, but it is also a lot of work as you know! Either way I am super grateful for all of the great adventures and opportunities which have come my way since I started travel blogging.

Trust from the journey.

You might be tired, too hot, too cold, stressed and irritated some days. But bear in mind that is 1 step closer to what you wished to attain, and that you decided to do this for a reason, regardless of what it was. I’ve had to remind myself of this many times along the road. Trust that travel will give you than it takes.

Passport, telephone, money. These are boring and practical aren’t they?! haha.

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Oh I’ve been DYING to visit with Samoa, Tahiti, Both Jordan and Nepal for Decades.

I really don’t know how I haven’t gotten around to them yet. It’d be Samoa, purely because it’s been in my list for so long, if I had to choose one. It seems incredible. Everyone I know that’s been adored it.

Yogi Bhajan — light, lives, spread the light, be the lighting .’
I say that but it is just so important. I think of it as a lifetime motto as well as a travel quote.

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I have a trip to London for a couple of times and then hopefully exotic in the end of March. I am thinking maybe Madeira or maybe someplace further a field. My travel plans are often last minute. I don’t know where I will be beforehand until a week or two. Then London again in the end of April, to speak at Traverse17.

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Where’s Tara? 

Celebrity Travel Addicts: of Who

Is a wellness, lavish and adventure travel site.  Tara is one of Ireland’s top travel bloggers. Produced in New Zealand and raised in Ireland, she is a citizen.  From ninja coaching in Japan into ice-climbing in Finland, Tara loves a good adventure.  Her site and addict, Tara and chatterbox will take you.  A travel photographer, Tara has had her photographs showcased Canon, Fodors and by Lonely Planet. Her Instagram is really a representation of how she sees the world; a wonderland that is vibrant and bright. Follow Tara on Facebook, Pinterest Instagram, Twitter and Where is Tara!