In this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts , we speak a former engineer from Jordan who works as a travel host and a fulltime journey and lifestyle influencer at Dubai, with Na’el Abu Alteen. We speak with his own information to anyone who wishes to travel, him about how his passion for travel began, his favorite things to do in one of his best travel destinations, plus more! Take a look at his recommendations for travellers when they visit with Jordan and Dubai and find out where he is headed next!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Na

How did your passion for travel begin?

44 countries.

What does travel mean to you? Why do you believe it’s so important?


How many days/weeks would you travel in any given year? What are the types of places you like to visit?

My brother, Wael Abu Alteen.

You began your professional life as an engineer, but you’re now a founder. What prompted the change and how did it come about?

Watching a movie or editing videos and any pictures.

The photos in your Instagram account showcase areas around the food and your fashion that is personal. What are some of the favorite men’s style tips?

I visit a luxury destination and never anything occurs to me.

You’re born and raised in Jordan but now call Dubai house. What makes Jordan and Dubai such travel destinations? What do you propose when they visit people do in the two areas?

Don’t think! Get ready and choose your next trip! Life is too short to think.

What do you want viewers to attain and learn from the work?


What are the top three destinations you’ve seen?

Who stated that the planet is big! Now I can observe the world.

Give us your’Top 5′ record for one of the best 3 destinations. Like a mini-guide or even a to-do list of sorts. It may be anything from your favorite hotel, the best spot to have lunch, the best sightseeing, etc..


How many nations have you seen so far?

My name is Na’el Abu Alteen. I’m a fulltime lifestyle/travel influencer (digital creator), I reside in Dubai, and that I travel across the world! I started my media journey in 2013 during my this past year at the school of engineering. Between being a professional engineer and a social networking influencer in the previous 5 years, I ordered my daily life. I made a decision to stop concentrate and engineering on my passion, which is being a founder.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Na

What are the top 3 favorite cuisines?

I’ve worked with many local and international brands, more than 500 luxury resorts around the world, more than 15 tourism boards, along with 8 airlines.

What’s your favorite restaurant on the planet? What dish would you recommend there?

I had been the presenter of a tv show on Alaan TV at 2019, I’m a brand ambassador for most brands, and my own boutique started at Boutiqaat at 2019.

What’s your favorite travel movie?

To find out more about Na’el Abu Alteen and his travels, follow him on his travel Instagram, Dubai Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat (Ammanstylez)!

What’s your international airport?

Which city had the friendliest people?

Who’s your favorite travel companion?

What’s the best way to kill time?

What’s the most exotic place you have been taken by your career?

What’s your best piece?

What are without?

What’s your ultimate dream destination?

What’s your favorite travel quotation?

Where are you headed next?