I love trying beverages and my experience in El Salvador has been no different. While nations produce several of their very own rums and whiskeys, the beers of El Salvador are yummy and refreshing.

The Fab 4 Beers of El Salvador

Through the previous few days both my guide and driver invited me to test many of the country’s famed beers (not that they needed to pull my leg to do it.)

So here are the fab 4 plus one limited edition.

This is considered to be El Salvador’s domestic beer since everybody drinks it, therefore it’s thought of as one of the most well-known beers of El Salvador Think of Budweiser in the States, Pilsener Urquell in Czech, Gallo in Guatemala and also Balbao in Panama. You can find it’s perfect for a day at the beach or just hanging out with buddies and this beer everywhere you seem. I like this beer charm and lightness, however, notably the affordability element. Pilsener typically costs $1 in stores and $1.50-$2.50 in restaurants. When you come you must strive El Salvador’s unofficial beer.

This is called the king of beers. It costs about 25 percent more than Pilsener and can be served. Drinking Suprema is a luxury for many working class El Salvadorians, so a prestige is certainly connected with purchasing it. As I have heard from my buddies here- women dig guys who consume Suprema.

The Fab 4 Beers of El Salvador

Similar in flavor to a Miller Light, Golden Light is your unofficial women’ beer. It is light and reduces the risk of hangovers. I liked this beer, although Even the most manly of men wouldn’t dare to order a Golden Light in a public place . Pilsener is my favorite.

The Fab 4 Beers of El Salvador

Excellent beer that most people consider to be about the lower-end. Regia is more tasty than Pilsener, but it’s tough to find in many restaurants. Regia is promoted toward the working class, which does mingle in pubs and tourist-friendly restaurants. It comes in 40 oz. Glass bottles and also in cans. Regia one attempted evening. Our waiter had to leave and locate it. 20 minutes after he returned with my request. The 40 oz cost me about $3.50. In stores it costs about $1.30.

The Fab 4 Beers of El Salvador

*LIMITED EDITION: This really is a limited edition beer produced round Christmas time. It is basically a Suprema spin-off that has a flavor candy and with a high alcohol content. It is only sold to March. It costs approximately $1.40 in supermarkets, which is the only place they are sold.

Here is a tasting I’d in my buddies house on Lake Coatepeque.

The Fab 4 Beers of El Salvador

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The Fab 4 Beers of El Salvador



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